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Social network project still under construction

This project is still in development stage, not all features implemented. It is hosted in same hosting as my Personal Site. You can also check my Twitter account if interested. A valid account is required to be able to post here. Register first if you don't have one. An invite code is also required to complete the registration.

Development status

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4chan. Their policy about mass-blocking ip ranges. Total nonsense. Can't post w/o 4chan pass on my vpn. Apparently such ranges are too "abusive" so their justification is just block them w/o trying to actually verify it. And purchasing the pass is the pain in the ass too. A need for cryptocurency provider is just unjust :\
#4chan #rant #shitpost
2021-04-01 23:30:04
Small bug fixed in single post view. Finally it's a way less of problems to deal with in the world.
#update #bugfix #shitpost
2021-03-31 15:52:35
User settings page implemented, password can now finally be changed.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 20:25:39
Generated invite codes are no longer stored in plain text, each code must be securely stored upon generation.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 14:12:56
Anonymous posting can now be easily disabled along the other options, useful when registration is also disabled and/or invite-only.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 11:46:11
Registration is now invite-only, invite code generation and verification works fine.
#update #registration #shitpost
2021-03-17 21:52:59
Disabled registration as most of features are not complete yet. Might enable later or set to be invite-only, with the latter feature not yet implemented as of this date.
#update #registration #shitpost
2021-03-17 20:29:26
Image going down soon

It appears will be closed on 2020-07-20, there's already a huge lag as every1 is trying to save posts & images and there've been a bunch of errors while it tries to load almost any page. Saving old posts has been a very annoying so far I guess.

#shitpost #meme
2020-07-14 20:04:51
First spam message logged. At least it din't go through. The captcha feature blocked it :\
#spam #shitpost
2020-06-08 19:30:19
When stops working after a while since purchasing the paid subscription
#meme #shitpost
2020-05-24 21:53:39
Fixed editing of text posts. Also tags are now displayed if present. Tag editing feature is not yet implemented at this time.
#test #testing #tags #shitpost #bugfix
2020-05-20 09:38:41
#trollface #shitpost
2020-05-19 14:12:03