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Social network project still under construction

This project is still in development stage, not all features implemented. It is hosted in same hosting as my Personal Site. You can also check my Twitter account if interested. A valid account is required to be able to post here. Register first if you don't have one. An invite code is also required to complete the registration.

Development status

Posts tagged update

Added a database backup script for admin to be able to export database contents more easily. Helpful in case of any failure or during server reinstall/migration/etc.
#update #backup #shitpost
2022-07-17 22:19:04
Added logging to the search form. Everything including anything suspicious and/or spammy will be logged and offenders might be banned and/or reported. So be careful and don't spam using search form.
#update #search #spam #shitpost
2022-06-22 17:02:51
Added host whitelist to bot trap page. Now visitors from certain hosts such as and others will not be automatically banned. Others will still be banned so do not try to visit the page unless you want to be perma-banned from this site.
#update #bot trap #meme #shitpost #monitor
2022-05-15 00:04:54
Updated ban management page, added scrollbar colors to stylesheet, cleaned up some of old bans that are no longer needed.
#update #shitpost
2022-05-09 22:33:30
Small bug fixed in single post view. Finally it's a way less of problems to deal with in the world.
#update #bugfix #shitpost
2021-03-31 15:52:35
User settings page implemented, password can now finally be changed.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 20:25:39
Generated invite codes are no longer stored in plain text, each code must be securely stored upon generation.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 14:12:56
Anonymous posting can now be easily disabled along the other options, useful when registration is also disabled and/or invite-only.
#update #shitpost
2021-03-19 11:46:11
Registration is now invite-only, invite code generation and verification works fine.
#update #registration #shitpost
2021-03-17 21:52:59
Disabled registration as most of features are not complete yet. Might enable later or set to be invite-only, with the latter feature not yet implemented as of this date.
#update #registration #shitpost
2021-03-17 20:29:26
Added site configuration script (setting up important configuration variables)
2020-10-20 12:27:31
Added db setup script to generate correct contiguration file when database connection does not work.
2020-10-19 23:51:53
Some improvements behind the scenes were done to the code of this site. Mainly bugfixes and management features not visible to regular users.
#update #bugfix
2020-10-18 21:38:19
Bugs found, bugs fixed. Special cases of certain parameters are now handled correctly. Returns 404 instead of unexpected results where a 404 should be.
#update #bugfix
2020-10-05 20:03:23
Auto-banning implementation improved. Now bans IP addresses generating too many 404 errors in short time. No unban by captcha yet, so don't get accidentally banned.
2020-10-03 19:05:58
First auto-banning implementation using hidden link to bot trap. Bans all bots ignoring robots.txt, might reduce some spam.
#update #bot trap
2020-10-01 21:03:27
IP Ban system implemented. Will be useful to ban spammers in the future. No auto-banning yet though.
2020-09-26 13:26:35
Admin users can now edit / delete all posts. No more using of external database management tools for such a purposes. Minimizes hassle when dealing with spam posts.
2020-09-25 23:28:57
Post form now requires javascript. Might protect from some spam when other methods fails.
2020-09-25 20:03:52
Administration panel under construction. Site management non-functional at this time.
2020-09-25 15:54:28
Implemented more logging, added correct headers where needed (posts, register/login pages, etc.).
#update #bugfix
2020-09-11 15:10:52
Images included in posts are now directly requested using secure protocol. No more insecure to secure page redirection when loading the page.
#bugfix #update
2020-08-08 10:37:31
Added alt tag to images of photo posts, they might be needed some times. Might include some more updates sooner or later.
2020-06-15 23:42:20
Added a first implementation of text formattiing to visual editor. Now selection can be formatted as bold, italic and underline, no way to undo it though w/o editing html
Edit: Strikethrough added, fixed a small bug in editor.
#update #bugfix
2020-05-26 18:23:21
The handling of divs in visual editor is now improved
The new lines are correctly rendered from within divs
With </div><div> formation replaced with line breaks
though something might still be buggy
#update #test #right aligned #bugfix
2020-05-23 21:27:02
The visual editor has been improved. It handles new lines better, extra divs are not inserted on each line.
Also extra line break at the end of post is removed while using the visual editor.
No formatting options yet though.
2020-05-23 19:42:20
Created an experimental WYSIWYG editor prototype. All changes done in editor are reflected in textarea and vice-versa. No formatting buttons yet.
Tags must be entered inside textarea instead. Tags that are not allowed are excluded upon post rendeding. XSS still can be triggeded while editing text but not when post loads in feed.
2020-05-23 15:12:03
Html in text field enabled, showing only a select list of tags and attributes.
2020-05-23 11:43:21
Mobile support added. Now page renders correct in most of mobile devices.
2020-05-23 06:39:22
Post pages now working.
2020-05-22 22:29:10
Implemented tag pages. Special characters shown in tags are now escaped correctly while used in links.
2020-05-22 15:02:52
Initial tag implementation completed. Also posts created by the same owner can now be deleted.
#update #posts #tags
2020-05-22 12:17:49
Fixed sql injection and xss in posts. No more strange bugs.
#update #bugfix
2020-05-20 12:47:04
Registration and login works. Happy posting :) And le post editing is now implemented :D
#update #trollface
2020-05-19 17:23:07
This is working so far I guess :D, and login is working too :). No registration yet, can't edit posts either :\
#update #meme
2020-05-19 13:55:46
Image uploading now works. Here's a neat image of unusual piano called Steinway Uninote.
#update #image posts #steinway uninote
2020-05-19 00:31:07
Image post implementation is on the way.
#update #image posts
2020-05-18 19:35:26
Registered users are now highlighted, only implemented on database backend, no user registration possible.
2020-05-18 11:56:19
New color theme, replacing default.
#update #color theme
2020-05-18 00:33:43
Refresh should not resend form data on page reload, also post errors display correctly if any exist.
#update #bugfix
2020-05-18 00:04:09
First posting implementation. No user login/registration yet, user must type name and captcha, added simple styling for posts.
#update #captcha
2020-05-17 23:06:31
Minimal functionality implemented, no post form yet.
2020-05-17 21:35:51