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Social network project still under construction

This project is still in development stage, not all features implemented. It is hosted in same hosting as my Personal Site. You can also check my Twitter account if interested. A valid account is required to be able to post here. Register first if you don't have one. An invite code is also required to complete the registration.

Development status

Posts tagged bot trap

Added host whitelist to bot trap page. Now visitors from certain hosts such as and others will not be automatically banned. Others will still be banned so do not try to visit the page unless you want to be perma-banned from this site.
#update #bot trap #meme #shitpost #monitor
2022-05-15 00:04:54
First auto-banning implementation using hidden link to bot trap. Bans all bots ignoring robots.txt, might reduce some spam.
#update #bot trap
2020-10-01 21:03:27